The third and final episode for Bear With Me is out today on the PC. This "noire point-and-click adventure" attempts to wrap up the mystery that involves a 10 year old girl, her imaginary friends, and her missing brother.
Mischief is afoot in the hand-drawn, monochromatic metropolis of Paper City, and only Amber and her grizzled stuffed toy companion, Ted E. Bear, can crack the case. Together the duo interview toys brought to life by the power of her imagination, search for clues and solve puzzles. The wisecracking residents of Paper City spout witty one-liners and pop culture puns.

At the close of Episode 2 the series' heroine, Amber, was kidnapped. In the final installment it is now up to her private eye sidekick, Ted E. Bear, to search for his partner so the pair can get to the bottom of their thrilling adventure.

Exordium Games promises that this third episode is "three times longer" than the first episode of the series. It is available for just $4.99 (USD) for Windows, Linux, and Mac from either Steam or the Humble Store. From the looks of it, there is a sale going on right now for the series. You can get the first episode for just $2.49 or the complete bundle for just $9.47 from both Steam and Humble.