In today's bit of totally shocking news, Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg yet again outed himself as being a racist. Say what? PewDiePie certainly doesn't have a history of uttering racist or anti-Semitic remarks in the public eye. And it's not like he's ever been penalized for paying people to say things on his behalf such as "Death to all Jews." Right? RIGHT?!

In all seriousness though, PewDiePie said a racial slur during a recent stream. It was casually dropped as though it wasn't even given a second thought before he said it during a game of PUBG.

What's his excuse going to be this time? Is he going to try to blame the media again for his racism? Is he going to issue an insincere apology? Is he going to say that it's "just a joke" that people who are upset just totally didn't get?

This isn't something you just "accidentally" say during intense moments. If that is something you say, especially in moments like that without a single hint of hesitation, then that's on you. That is who you are. That is what your mind immediately goes to. And that makes you, PewDiePie, a racist.