If you have a PlayStation 4 Pro and were looking to either stream or capture footage from that shiny new console with its native 4K resolution you may want to check out what Epiphan just announced. They passed along word to me this weekend about their AV.io 4K, their latest device that can capture 4K footage at 30fps from the PlayStation 4 Pro. They also said that it should work nicely with capturing from the upcoming Xbox One "Project Scorpio" release from Microsoft.

They mentioned how easy the setup is for the AV.io 4K as well. I've never used a capture card so I don't really know if this is any easier or more difficult than other options out there. It seems easy enough at least.

If you don't have a PS4 Pro, the AV.io does support other resolutions and framerates. The device, while capable of capturing at 4096x2160 at 30fps can also utilize other commonly used resolutions such as 1080p at 60fps, 1440p at 30fps, and all the way down to 640x360 at 60fps. I am assuming you might want to use that small resolution if you're trying to stream and your upload speed to Twitch is absolutely horrific.

The AV.io 4K is listed at $399.95 (USD).