Square Enix has released the latest patch update for Final Fantasy XIV. This update is so big that it has its own name: The Far Edge of Fate. What does this update, otherwise known as patch 3.5, offer to players?

Look at that content. Just look at it! As if that wasn't enough, Square Enix says that updates are also coming to the housing, including new housing exteriors, more aquarium goodies, and new paintings. There are also new hairstyles, emotes, and mounts that you can use to customize your character with.

What's after patch 3.5? A lot. Some of these planned updates include an "entirely revamped version of The Diadem exploratory missions, a new map for the Feast PvP, and new Disciple of the Land/Hand content." The second part of patch 3.5 is slated for March. This "part 2" includes the conclusion of the Heavensward story.

More details on the first part of patch 3.5 can be found right here.