At the latest CitizenCon 2016, Cloud Imperium Games announced that Squadron 42 will not make its planned 2016 release window. Squadron 42 is the name of the single player component for Star Citizen.

CEO of CIG, Chris Roberts, said that while a lot of the technology behind the game is finished, there are still some areas that they need to work on. These areas include AI logic and mission integration. Those are typically important for single player games. As of right now, the team is working on getting at least one of the chapters up to "release quality" in order to show it off to the public. It should be noted that they are planning on the single player game having 28 chapters.

If nothing else, one of the things they showed off at CitizenCon 2016 was awfully impressive.

The full presentation can be watched on YouTube. Included is another impressive showcase of them landing on a planet and some other neat, new features.