The Broken Overlord DLC for Infinium Strike will be released on Windows, Mac, and Linux in Q2 2017. Infinium Strike is a "sci-fi strategy action" game from Codex Worlds, a studio made up of former Ubisoft employees.
Broken Overlord adds a four-mission campaign where players fight not only for the survival of humanity, but for the freedom of the alien species known as Bubba. Enslaved by the Wrog, the ruthless antagonist race, Bubbas can be rescued by the DLC's new Freedom Void spaceship, which disrupts the mind-controlling devices crowning each Bubba.

The DLC will also introduce Nuke Avengers, a battleship that can launch massive nuclear missiles to close Wrog-spawning portals, and Bertha Thiefs, an invisible Wrog ship that steals resources from inattentive commanders. Broken Overlord also adds new themes and decals to allow commanders to make their battlecruiser feel distinctly their own.

In Infinium Strike, players fend off attacks as the weapons officer of a massive battlecruiser, managing autofiring turrets, deployable fighter ship squadrons and special SuperTech abilities to curb enemies advancing from four surrounding quadrants of space.

The game's Campaign Mode follows the rise of a weapons officer as the potential savior of humanity, ascending from the modest rank of Gunner Ensign to the elite Galactic Admiral. In the endless arcade-esque Deep Space mode, weapons officers face fixed waves of Wrog forces in a fight to top the leaderboards.