About as deep and as entertaining as a puddle.

I did something a bit different with my "Week in Review" this week for No Man's Sky. Instead of just writing up a few sentences about why I think the game is a massive disappointment, I decided to share my unedited rant/thoughts about the game. I recorded this last night as part of my Twitch stream of World of Warcraft. Why was I playing WoW and not No Man's Sky while talking about No Man's Sky? Well, it's simply because No Man's Sky absolutely eats up my CPU. It consumes so much CPU that I cannot reliably stream the game or capture footage for it without OBS running into constant high CPU errors.

If you just want the score, look under the video. The usual review information is there.


No Man's Sky (Developed by Hello Games)
Starting at $59.99 (USD) for PC & PS4