Looks like Spiral Game Studios... Sorry, Trek Industries is in some hot water once again. This time, Activision is going after the studio with a DMCA takedown request. Activision says that Spiral's latest game, The Orion Project (AKA: Orion), uses stolen assets from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

As such, it seems as though the game has been pulled from Steam until this is resolved. That is, at least, what Spiral is telling the public.

Trek Industries' David Prassel issued the following statement to the Orion: Prelude Steam page just a few short hours ago. Prelude is the game that actually "came out" from the studio and also had its fair share of controversy including the use of stolen assets and poor treatment of employees. They have used stolen assets for the Orion: Prelude achievements and even an asset from Natural Selection 2.

Prassel included the following image comparisons of two of the weapons in question.


You may think that there are maybe some similarities between the Haymaker and the Orion weapon, and virtually nothing similar between the other two weapons. Right? Well, a more appropriate comparison shows the in-game models of the weapons in question (via NeoGAF).


But wait, there's more! This fellow shows up about 15 seconds into a recent trailer for Orion.


I wonder where they stole that idea from...


Oh. Yeah, I'm sure this will go very well for them. I somehow think that Activision will be the least of Trek's worries.
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