Starting today, Twitch is rolling out a test of its new microtransaction system that they call Cheering. Cheering allows the chat in partnered streams to "cheer" for a favorite moment during a stream. Cheering allows the chat to donate any number of Cheer Bits to the streamer.

These bits equate to a monetary donation made for the streamer in lieu (or in addition to) the usual support of subscribing or donating directly.

What are some of the benefits of Cheering?


Right now, the Cheering feature is only live on select, already well-off channels that are already partnered with Twitch. If you've ever seen or heard of cam shows of the adult variety, the concept should be familiar to you.

In short, it's another way for those already making money to make even more money, including Twitch itself. As for those who are not partnered? Well, Twitch will continue to insult your potential worth and will continue to ignore you. Thanks, Twitch!