Heroes of the West is a free, new, community created mod for Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm.
Heroes of the West brings the Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm experience to the Western European theater, pitting the US forces against the German Wehrmacht. It also introduces a whole new faction, the British, bringing the 'Tommies' to the game. The mod is available on Steam completely free for owners of Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm.

Heroes of the West includes 4 new maps, 5 new character sets and 10 new weapons.

The initial release of Heroes of the West on Steam will feature 4 maps: Key Features
New player character models for the European Theater: New weapons:

You can check it out on Steam. The game is free for everyone that owns Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm. Speaking of Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm, you can pick it up today for 75% off.