Hey, so like, Newsbits are back. Yay? Yay. To those that don't know, Newsbits are the CS-Nation precursor to QuickHits. I don't know if they were "News Bits" or "NewsBits" but for now they'll be whatever I feel like typing at the time. I probably should have included the other two "quickhits" items from today in with this, but I only realized too late how much "not quite important at this point in time for a proper news post news items" there were today.
Infinium StrikeEA Sports UFC 2 punches and probably kicks its way to consoles (PS4, XB1) come March 16. It's got physics and grappling, and "Next-Level Submissions." Sounds technical. There's also a new trailerWorld of Tanks on the PlayStation 4Rival 700A Boy and His BlobHarran: The Ride is one of the first user-created custom maps for Dying Light using the Dying Light Dev Tools. You can download it from the Steam Workshop or view the trailer for it here.

And there it is, the first return of NewsBits. Was it as good for you as it was for me? [ATTACH=CONFIG]2927[/ATTACH]