R. Mika returns to the Street Fighter franchise after being absent since Street Fighter Alpha 3. Her original reveal for Street Fighter V featured a move where she slaps her butt alongside a finisher where she and her partner, Nadeshiko, split open the legs of the enemy while squishing them with their butts.

Capcom decided instead to change some of the camera work and alter her move set a bit so that the butt slap is out of frame and the split move is apparently no longer in the game.


Cammy also had a slight change made to the camera angle for her intro. They moved the camera up a bit to eliminate the unnecessary crotch shot. Here is a before and after of her intro.


Naturally, some fans are blindly jumping onto the "censorship" train without really understanding that this isn't censorship. It's a creative edit and a choice made by Capcom on a game that isn't even out yet.