Hitman is a game. Rather, it will be a game when it finally comes out. It was recently delayed until March 11, 2016 but was originally expected to come out later this year. With the later release date, what should fans expect when it's finally here?
HITMAN will begin on March 11, 2016.

Players can buy HITMAN for USD $59.99[1], which includes all of the content, access to all live events and guaranteed access to the HITMAN Beta[2].

Also announced today, the new Intro Pack will be available to pre-order from this November priced at $34.99 and will include all launch content available on March 11, 2016 only, including Live Events and Contracts for those locations.

Players will have an option to Upgrade [3] their Intro Pack to include the remaining HITMAN content for $29.99.

Full Release Details

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