As YouTube took a page from Twitch with live streaming, so is Twitch taking a page from YouTube by soon offering the ability to upload your own videos to your channel for anybody to view at any time. That's right, you can soon upload locally recorded videos from your computer to your Twitch channel for anybody to view at any time, much like other video hosting options out there.

On top of this, Twitch again promises that the HTML5 video player is coming soon. How soon? Early 2016. All of this will be supported by custom thumbnails for your uploads, past broadcasts, and highlights. Users will also be allowed to create playlists that visitors can watch when you aren't streaming live. All of these features are slated for an early 2016 release.

Finally, the other big news from Twitchcon 2015 is that the PlayStation 4 will finally have a dedicated Twitch app! No longer will you have to use the system browser or "Live From PlayStation" to watch your favorite non-PlayStation 4 streams.


Early 2016 is going to be a great time to be a Twitch streamer and visitor, if for no other reason than the HTML5 player will finally be released.

(via Twitch)