Following a recent controversy that alleged many eSports competitors were taking the performance enhancing drug (PED) Adderall during tournaments, the ESL is taking steps to prevent this sort of drug abuse in future events. The group announced today that they are teaming up with the National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) and the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) to begin testing some competitors.
In order to maintain the spirit of fair play within esports, ESL has partnered with NADA (the Nationale Anti Doping Agentur, which is headquartered in Bonn, Germany) to help create an anti-PED policy that is fair, feasible and conclusive while also respecting the privacy of players. ESL will also be meeting with WADA (the World Anti Doping Agency, based in Montreal, Canada) so they can be actively involved in the making, enforcing and dissemination of this policy to additional regions such as the US, Asia and Australia.

The expertise of NADA and WADA will help ESL to produce a PED prevention program that will encompass all players participating in competitions organized, hosted or produced by ESL. This program will help ensure that all players are provided with the information and structural support they need to help them manage the physical and emotional pressure of professional gaming.

The first tests will begin at ESL One Cologne this August. Following this, testing will take place at every Intel Extreme Masters, ESL One, and ESL ESEA Pro League events. Don't be too surprised if this practice starts to become the norm across multiple eSports leagues in the near future.

(via ESL Gaming)