Sure, Destiny: The Taken King was first rumored and then finally revealed yesterday at E3. Sure, there's been a lot of talk about it but nobody really knew just what sort of content would be included in the expansion. Today, Bungie released the latest ViDoc for said expansion and actually provided some fresh details on what fans can look forward to.

First and foremost, each class will finally get their third ability! That means for Titans, you get a Solar ability. This gives you a hammer that you can beat people with. Hunters get their Void ability that manifests itself as a bow and arrow that lets you pin targets in place. Warlocks get their Arc ability, allowing them to shoot lightning out of their hands. It's a bit more nuanced than that, but that's what the ViDoc is here for.

The team did mention some new multiplayer modes that are coming, the Taken enemy type, Oryx, and a bit about the new locations. They also mentioned new missions, new strikes, and that a new raid is coming. However, they were quite a bit more vague about those things.

Also revealed this week is a special "Legendary Edition" for Destiny. This version of the game comes with Destiny, The Dark Below, House of Wolves, and The Taken King for $59.99 (USD). Alternatively, you can get just The Taken King for $39.99 if you already own the other stuff. Or, you can go very deep down the rabbit hole and buy The Taken King - Collector's Edition for $79.99 (USD).

The Collector's Edition includes all of this stuff.

The Taken King
Expansion I: The Dark Below
Expansion II: House of Wolves
Collector's Edition SteelBook Case

Modified Treasure Island Book with intro Letter from Cayde-6
Cayde-6's Personal Notes and Illustrations
Collection of Relics and Artifacts
Strange Coin Replica

Three class specific emotes
Three armor shaders
Three exotic class items with XP bonuses

Also mentioned was the special digital content for those that have been with Destiny for a while now will get a Sparrow, shader, and a Year 1 emblem but only if you buy The Taken King.

The Taken King is set to launch on September 15, 2015.