As part of their Q2 FY2014 financial report, Sony revealed how their various departments are faring. The bad news is that Sony is still struggling in many departments, including smartphones. The good news is that the PS4 is still doing really well for them.

In Q2 FY2014 alone, Sony shipped 3.3 million PlayStation 4 systems, 0.8 million PlayStation 3 systems, and 0.7 million PlayStation Vita, Vita TV, and PSP devices. The number of PS4 units shipped is actually an increase when compared to the first quarter where they shipped just 2.7 million PS4s.

This places the total number of PS4s shipped to around 13.5 million. While this is the "shipped" amount, it does not indicate the total number of units sold through to end consumers. Expect those numbers to jump significantly for Q3, which includes the coming holidays.