Andrew House (pictured above with Hideo Kojima) is stepping down as the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. In his place will be John Kodera, the now former deputy president of SIE. House will move to being just the chairman of SIE in order to ensure a smooth transition. After the year is up, there is no saying where he may end up.

With this move, Kodera assumes all operational responsibility for SIE. He now reports directly to Sony Corporation president, Kaz Hirai. The full report on this move can be read in this statement issued by Sony. It includes remarks by both House and Kodera.

House has been with Sony for 27 years. He led the PlayStation side of things for six years, which includes the development and launch of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. Kodera has been with Sony for 25 years and had large parts in services such as the PlayStation Network, PlayStation Store, PlayStation Plus, and more.