In case you were wondering, yes, the Internet does suck this weekend. Two separate groups are claiming responsibility for attacking both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. PlayStation Network was down for most of the early part of the day, while the attacks on Xbox Live are more recent.

One group said that they are the ones responsible for the attacks while another has come forward and said that they are the ones responsible for the attacks and outages. It doesn't much matter who is causing trouble, because the outages continue and nobody wins. This is just the continuation in a string of DDoS attacks that have been going on now this past week. Other services hit include WildStar, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, and many others.

Sony has confirmed that no personal information was accessed in any of this. A DDoS tends to just be a disruption of a service, not an actual hacking of the service to gain information or data.

However, one of the groups took things a bit too far. They actually diverted a flight that Sony Online Entertainment's President John Smedley is on due to a bomb threat Tweeted to American Airlines. They continued by including the flight number and other information about the flight until it was diverted for security reasons.

It's one thing to DDoS various companies but threats of that level, ones that divert airplanes, are something that the authorities do not screw around with.