Looks like the battle between ZeniMax and Oculus VR is heating up. Oculus VR and its founder, Palmer Luckey, are being sued by ZeniMax Media and id Software.

ZeniMax claims that Oculus VR illegally misappropriated trade secrets. The lawsuit (PDF), filed today, also says that Luckey and Oculus were in breach of contract and unfair competition.

ZeniMax issued a statement on the matter.
"All efforts by Zenimax to resolve this matter amicably have been unsuccessful."

The lawsuit is also apparently in direct response to the $2 billion purchase of Oculus VR by Facebook.
"Defendants now stand to realize billions of dollars in value from Zenimax's intellectual property." It also says that, regardless of what Carmack was doing outside of work hours, "Carmack and other Zenimax employees conducted that research at Zenimax offices, on Zenimax computers, and using Zenimax resources."

The lawsuit continues on to say that ZeniMax had "invested tens of millions of dollars in research and development, including research into virtual reality and immersive technologies." Granted, that could also mean that out of those "tens of millions of dollars" they spent just $1 but you have to put the spin in somewhere.

With ZeniMax wanting a piece of that $2 billion pie, it will be interesting to see how this affects the immediate future of virtual reality.

(via Engadget)
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