The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was slated to be released today. This isn't the weird part. The weird part is that a few weeks ago, this game was "delayed indefinitely" on the Xbox One and all advertising for this game on that platform was halted. That was only for the Xbox One version. The game is also available on the Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Wii U, PC, and 3DS.

Hell, even the game's website doesn't even have the Xbox One listed!

Nobody from either Activision nor Microsoft spoke up about this indefinite delay. No reasons were ever given and no further announcements were ever made.

And yet, as of right now it's available digitally for the Xbox One according to and Xbox Live's Major Nelson.

So far there still isn't any sign of a physical release of this game for the Xbox One. And that image above showing the list of platforms the game is available for? That was taken just a few moments ago, just a couple of hours after the release of the game on the Xbox Game Store.

Even Major Nelson, despite making the announcement of the game's release on his blog, doesn't seem to know what's actually going on with the game.

Amazing. Simply amazing.