Some good news for those still waiting for their Deck.
Steam Deck

For those who have put in their reservation for Valve's Steam Deck, the wait has probably been terrible. Despite the Steam Deck starting to ship back in February, the backlog of people who made reservations is still massive. Thankfully, there is some good news.

Valve shared today that production of the Steam Deck has increased quite a bit. Starting next week, Valve will be "shipping more than double the number of Steam Decks every week." The company says that they have just sent out the last batch of Q2 emails and will begin sending out Q3 reservation emails on June 30.

Valve has not shared the exact number of Steam Deck units they have been shipping every week, so we don't know what the precise number is for this increase.

Sadly, the Steam Deck docking station has been delayed indefinitely. It is not clear when, or even if, the Docking Station will be released. We also do not know how much that Docking Station will retail for whenever it's released, if it is at all.