Just one more year until it can legally drink in the States.
A collage of game characters from 20 years of Steam.

Valve launched Steam 20 years ago today. On September 12, 2003, the Internet was set on fire by people complaining up and down the aisle that this new Steam program sucked and WON was so much better. Now look at where we're at. Steam is turning 20 and most people can't imagine PC gaming without it.

In honor of the two decade milestone, Valve put together a "fun walk down Steam and pop culture memory lane." This lane goes through Steam on a year-by-year basis showing major milestones and some other stuff likes memes. For instance, I just found out/realized from this timeline that Steam is older than Facebook by a year and older than YouTube by two years. Ha haaa, I'm old! Fuck!

Valve also shares the games that were the top releases on Steam for each of these years. Many of these games are also currently on sale in honor of this 20th anniversary celebration of Steam.

Those looking for something more will be able to see some new art here and there and some free new stickers to add to your Steam collection.

Steam would not exist without the developers and players around the world who are on it, and it is your feedback over the years that has and will continue to help us make it even better. We can't say thank you enough, and look forward to working together with you all in the many years to come!