Big savings, even bigger scares!
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Valve has kindly informed us that the Steam Halloween Sale is now live and will be from now through to November 2 at 10AM (PT). You have one whole weekend and then some to save big on a number of scary, spooky games or scary, spooky adjacent games, depending on which games you choose.

But what if you don't want games that are, by default, horror themed? Well the good news is that the sale also features a lot of regular games that just happen to include special Halloween-themed activities that are happening right now. Some of those games include the following list that Valve compiled for us.

Valve also notes that you can "deck out your profile in our most haunted Halloween art yet." The art is designed by Claire Hummel (on Twitter @shoomlah) and is available through the Points Shop. You can pick up an avatar frame, animated avatar, or an animated profile background.