I give up.
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DICE announced today that the planned February update for Battlefield 2042 has now been delayed until sometime in March. This update was set to include things like a scoreboard, voice communication, and a player profile. This update was first announced in mid-January. In fact, DICE just highlighted this update two days ago at the same time that they announced the first content wouldn't be arriving until Summer.

Sure, the delay isn't terribly long, but like... really? A delay announcement literally two days after talking about it again, for something that should have been in the game at launch?

I just can't with this game anymore. Maybe Battlefield 2042 will be worth returning to whenever that first content drop happens this Summer. That is assuming the content also isn't delayed further, which I'm guessing it will be.

But hey, they released a small hotfix update today. This update aimed to "address areas of game instability" since they released Update 3.2 in January. It also reactivated Renewal on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.