The basic "legacy" idea that is a "scoreboard" is finally being added to Battlefield 2042.
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DICE has finally broken their silence when it comes to just WTF is going on with Battlefield 2042. While there are a few things to talk about, this one is all about the fact that the development team is finally adding in a scoreboard, though it probably isn't quite what everyone wanted.

The first iteration of a scoreboard will be added as part of a future Update 3.3 that is coming for the game. The team provided a first look at the scoreboard that they are calling a "Work in Progress."

As you can see above or in the banner image for this post, that is indeed a scoreboard. However, you may notice that some things are missing from it. There is no column displaying deaths outside of an area showing personal deaths. There also doesn't seem to be any sort of separation between your team and the enemy team? Every player just shows up in a singular list, which is a little bizarre.

But hey, it's something?

DICE does say that the scoreboard "will receive further updates beyond this refresh." They flatly state that this is not "a one and done deal."

This scoreboard, along with Update 3.3, will drop some time in February.