The developers need extra time to try to fix the literal everything that is wrong with the game first.

Where do I even start with this one. Alright, first off, it was announced today that Season One for Battlefield 2042 has been delayed until at least Summer 2022. That means there will not be any new maps, weapons, gadgets, Specialists, or whatever until at least late June. While there wasn't really any official date previously announced, the running theory is that Season One would come around starting in March.

That sucks.

The good news is that the team is currently focused on bringing "the game up to the highest standards that we all hold for the franchise." Standards like... a scoreboard. Senior producer on Battlefield 2042 Ryan McArthur shared some details about what exactly is going on with this game and future updates that the team is working on.

We have heard you. So, we are heavily invested and committed to the future of Battlefield 2042 – working on taking action on multiple fronts to address feedback and implement extensive fixes to the game, key features that are important to you, and getting team play where it needs to be.
While admirable, it again begs the question: Why weren't some of these very basic things addressed prior to release? This game just should not have been released when it was. Full stop. Alas, this is just beating a dead horse at this point.

So, what are those "key features" that McArthur talked about?

Here’s a snapshot of the features we are bringing into the game as soon as possible:
  • SCOREBOARD - In our next update, we’ll be adding a refreshed in-round Scoreboard alongside further changes we’ve worked on since the holidays. This will be an ongoing evolution from what was shown in the work in progress we shared recently. We have heard your feedback around including two tables and separating your own team versus the enemy, and are working on incorporating that for the release. K/D scoring and End of Round reporting will also be coming in a future update.
  • ALL PLATFORM VOICE COMMUNICATION - The arrival of voice communication (VOIP) is just the start of the improvements we’re bringing to enhance team play and communications.
  • PLAYER PROFILE - Giving you a better overview of your career on the battlefield and how far you have to go for your next unlock.
For team play, you can expect us to incorporate a clearer, tighter squad loop, a refined ping system, and an improved reward loop for when you and your squad play the objective. Gunplay will continue to receive feedback-based improvements too.

Portal remains an integral part of the game and we will continue to expand its tools, modes, and tweak player experience gains. Finally, we have a team analysing Specialists and working on them. We’re not quite ready to talk about actions we’ll be taking, but as soon as we are, you will hear from us.
Let's just ignore for a moment that a scoreboard, voice communication, and a player profile are things that are coming via updates. Updates, mind you, that have pushed back new content until at least Summer.

I'm not exactly sure why they're focusing on things like "a refined ping system" or "an improved reward loop" for playing the objective. I've seen a ton of complaints about this game, but those weren't included in them. Now, improved rewards for doing something like assisting with a SOFLAM? Yes. Improved rewards for actually damaging vehicles beyond the generic "part disabled" for 10 points? Absolutely. But for playing the objective? No, not once. I just feel like maybe there are other things that should be prioritized before this?

Also, you need a dedicated team to analyze Specialists to determine why people hate them?


Moving on...

McArthur talked about a "new feedback loop" when it comes to the game and taking feedback from players.

We’re committed to pushing up the quality of the game, both through our updates, and how rapidly we will respond to critical issues in the live environment. We are also going to clarify the direction we’re taking, and what’s motivating our decisions to bring improvements to the game. So expect to get more insight as we expand our existing feedback loops to involve you, our players, more directly.

Our team has identified several areas we’re targeting for improvements. This is how we will be incorporating your feedback going forward:
  1. We will present specific, major focus areas to you along with our current thinking, detailing where we’re planning to make changes.
  2. We’ll then take the time to observe and listen to the conversations that you go on to have about both the area of concern and our proposals for adjustment.
  3. Later, you’ll hear from us on the topic again but this time your feedback will have been factored into our consideration and guided the decisions made for improvements.
These conversations will be centralised, and accessible here on the Battlefield website, and summarised across our channels.
This is actually a great change and direction. I can only hope that the feedback received from players is at least somewhat constructive.

The first focus area for this new feedback system will be on map design.

We want to outline to you our vision for how we’re going to approach and factor into our new maps enhancements to the gameplay experience, by addressing feedback on openness and lack of cover in key areas.

Big topics like map design will be loud and broadly shared, but for more nuanced areas of the game (such as Portal logic) we may have those conversations on smaller scales. The important part here is that all these conversations will happen publicly, and with everyone invited to take part.
McArther notes that some areas, such as changes to maps and core gameplay will take time. Seeing conversations take place or a topic brought up does not mean that it will be suddenly fixed or changed in a matter of days or even weeks.

The first of these feedback programs will kick off ahead of the launch of the next update.

Speaking of the next update, DICE says that the next major update will now hit in early March, probably when the first Season was set to begin. Though it won't include new maps or Specialists, it will include some cosmetic content for those that purchased the Year 1 Pass for Battlefield 2042. This includes those that purchased the Gold and Ultimate Editions of the game.

You can see what these items are in the image below.

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