How it was ever approved in the first place is beyond me.
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Alongside yesterday's update for Battlefield 2042 came the usual new rotation of official Battlefield Portal experiences. One of those officially created and promoted modes was called Zombie Survival. In this mode, you were facing off against hordes of A.I. controlled "zombies" that were equipped only with knives. Your goal was to survive for as long as possible.

There was just one problem: This mode made for an excellent source of essentially free XP for players. All of these "featured experiences" from DICE provide players with full player XP, mastery XP, and ribbon XP. Farming this mode was very easy for players as they were able to get to locations that the bots had simply no clue how to climb up to. This allowed players to just mow down these braindead bots and rack up tons of kills and experience. This also meant that players were able to earn tons of weapon unlocks and masteries with minimal effort.

This official XP farm was removed today. In its place is Gun Master 2042.

For all of DICE's efforts to combat user created XP farming servers in Battlefield Portal, you kind of have to wonder just how this mode wasn't immediately shot down before going public. Did they not test it before making it live? Or perhaps they just put too much trust in the player base to not abuse the broken system.