Ah yes, Black Friday. The day where everyone that is still bloated from stuffing their faces the day before push and trample their way to big savings. This year, GameStop features some pretty big savings on a number of titles, but the most notable one for you guys is that Battlefield 4 will be just $29.99 (USD).

Yep, the game will be HALF OFF of the regular price. If you're willing to brave the lines and the unwashed masses, you can potentially score BF4 for just $30 for either the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or PC.

Other deals include:
  • PlayStation 3 250GB bundle (with two games) for $199.99
  • Xbox 360 250GB bundle (with two games) for $199.99
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts for $49.99
  • Nintendo 3DS Zelda XL bundle for $219.99
  • PlayStation Plus membership for $29.99

Keep in mind that at that point, the PS4 and Xbone will both be out. Battlefield 4 for those platforms probably won't be included in this sale.

(via BFads)