One last release from Tango Gameworks.
Gameplay for Hi-Fi Rush.

Microsoft announced the closure of Tango Gameworks on May 7th. Despite this, Tango had one last little bit to give to Hi-Fi Rush fans. The final patch for Hi-Fi Rush was released on May 15, offering one last handful of fixes for the game on all platforms.

The release of this new update came alongside reassurance that a physical edition of Hi-Fi Rush is still in the works. This physical release will come via a partnership with Limited Run Games at a date that has yet to be revealed.

The full changelog for the final Hi-Fi Rush update can be found below.

Changelog for Hi-Fi Rush Update 9

PlayStation 5 and PC
  • (Track 01) After reducing QA-1MIL to zero health, a collision issue would occur where players would fall out of the geometry. Chai will now properly fall to the ground, instead of into the abyss.
  • (Track 01) Fixed an issue during the latter half of the 2D area whereby the camera would not follow Chai when the elevating lift falls.
  • (Track 02) Corrected a defect whereby if you touched Rekka during her electric charge, your final Rank would not correlate with the Chorus score.
  • Some issues would occur when trying to use Macaron’s Gravity Well while Rhythm Parrying an enemy. Well, this is now fixed!
  • (Track 03) Cutscenes previously would not play correctly if a Health Tank was consumed during the fight with the HG-0G. Feel free to block a few more hits with your face because this bug is fixed!
  • Fixed various text issues.
All Platforms
  • (Track 01) We also QA’d some other issues during the QA-1MIL fight, particularly around transitions between phases.
  • Fixed even more text bugs! They just don’t stop!
  • Drink prices adjusted in Vandelay vending machines to reflect local currency conversion.​