HexGaming to Launch New 'Ultimate' Phantom Controller


  • HexGaming to Launch New 'Ultimate' Phantom Controller

    Will feature four mappable back buttons, various profiles, swappable joysticks, and more.
    Four of the upcoming Phantom controllers from HexGaming. They look like custom PS5 controllers in blue, grey, black, and white.

    HexGaming is about to open a Kickstarter campaign for an upcoming PlayStation 5 and PC compatible controller. The controller is named "Phantom" and it will initially launch in four different color schemes, though the feature set on each will be identical.

    The Kickstarter officially begins on May 28, 2024 and is expected to end on July 12, 2024. This Kickstarter appears to be a way for buyers to get in on the "Super Early Bird" price of $179, though I'm not yet aware of what the price may increase to later on.

    The Phantom Controller features four remappable rear buttons, six different profiles to where you can save custom button mappings, eight thumbsticks (2 concave regular, 2 concave extended height, 2 domed extended length, 1 domed regular, and 1 concave extended length), and the ability to swap between a 1.5mm digital trigger pull or a full 7mm adaptive trigger pull. The Phantom will also come with an tool tool that will let you recalibrate your sticks in case of any stick drift. Honestly, it's this particular feature that I think a lot of people will be most interested in given the tendency for official DualSense controllers to exhibit stick drift over time.

    The initial colors for the Phantom look to be blue with black accents, grey (like, OG PlayStation grey) with black accents, all black, and white with blue accents.

    These will be compatible with PlayStation 5 consoles, PC, and mobile devices. Also, we should have a review coming at some point in the future for one of these new HexGaming Phantom controllers.

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