Europe still isn't free from the zombie hoardes.
First person view of someone dual wielding weapons against armored zombies.

Rebellion just shared a new trailer for their upcoming game, Zombie Army VR. It's like the Zombie Army games but now in virtual reality. Today's new trailer shares a little look at the story for the game. You'll never guess it, but Zombie Army VR will find you fighting off legions of the undead in order to free an alternate WWII-era Europe.

Zombie Army VR takes place at the same time as the events from the non-VR Zombie Army games. You take on the role of one of the Deadhunters, which is "an elite squad that is hunting down zombie war criminals." Those damned zombie war criminals are always up to no good. You will do this by fighting against them near the city of Nuremberg in order to help Captain Hermann Wolff, also known as "the Deadhunter's legendary leader." You are tasked with finding his family and fighting to free Europe from the zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Army VR is being developed by Rebellion and XR Games. It will be out in 2024 for PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest 2, 3, Pro, Oculus Rift, and PC headsets via Steam. Zombie Army VR's campaign can be played solo or in co-op with someone else.

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As you navigate the full-length, story-driven campaign alone or with an ally, you will have access to an arsenal of authentic World War II weaponry including sniper rifles, submachine guns, pistols and more. VR also brings a new level of immersion to the nail-biting action of the Zombie Army series, and you will need to get to grips with using your hands to aim your rifle, dual-wield your side arm with a submachine gun and master reloading drills. Keeping your head and staying cool as you face hordes of enemies (including Armoured Giants, Suiciders, Sniper Zombies and other reanimated baddies) will be crucial if you are to succeed.