The price will increase just two short weeks after the Early Access launch.
A warrior attacks a foe in game.

Moon Studios and publisher Private Division are readying the Early Access Release of No Rest for the Wicked. We already know that this action-RPG enters into Steam Early Access on April 18. We now also know that No Rest for the Wicked will come with a limited-time introductory price, with a further discount applied if you use affiliate codes from select streamers and content creators.

Here's how this will work: From April 18 to May 2, No Rest for the Wicked will have an introductory Early Access price of $35.99 on Steam. If you use an affiliate link or code from Private Division partners, streamers, and content creators this price goes down to $31.99. This affiliate discount program also runs for the first two weeks of availability. After these first two weeks, No Rest for the Wicked will go to its normal retail price of $39.99.

Private Division did not share whom these partners or influencers may be, nor did they share any affiliate codes or links just yet. These offers will presumably be shared closer to that April 18th date.

Moon Studios has confirmed that No Rest for the Wicked will not feature any microtransactions. They also note that the game will offer a single player experience that will not need an online connection and will not require anti-cheat software.