Up to 150 jobs are reportedly at risk.
A PC screenshot from the upcoming remaster of Until Dawn.

Supermassive Games just announced that they are about to layoff roughly 90 employees from the studio. This comes after various consultation sessions where the conclusion being cuts had to be made in order "to ensure the continued sustainability of the company."

Bloomberg was the first to report on these potential layoffs and was quickly confirmed by Supermassive. Officially, Supermassive did not share the numbers on just how many employees would be laid off. They did issue a brief, generalized statement on the prospect of layoffs within the company.

It’s no secret that the games industry is currently facing significant challenges, and unfortunately we aren’t immune to this.

After much deliberation and with deep regret, we are therefore undertaking a reorganization of Supermassive Games. As a result, we are entering into a period of consultation, which we anticipate will result in the loss of some of our colleagues.

This is not a decision that’s been taken lightly, with many efforts made to avoid this outcome.

We are all too aware of how unsettling and difficult this process is going to be for all our employees and will be working closely with all those involved to ensure the process is conducted as respectfully and compassionately as possible.

We’re committed to focusing our efforts on our core strengths and upcoming titles to ensure the continued sustainability of the company.​
Though initial estimates say that about 90 employees will be laid off, upwards of 150 employees at Supermassive were informed that their jobs are at risk.

Supermassive Games was founded in 2008. The studio hit the spotlight with the release of Until Dawn, a title that is currently getting the remaster treatment for PlayStation 5 and PC. In January 2024, Supermassive's founders Pete Samuels and Joe Samuels left the studio. Pete Samuels cited poor health as the reason for his departure.