Won't be available for sale.
A Palworld themed Xbox Series S and four Palworld themed Xbox controllers.

Thanks to Microsoft, the surprise hit that is Palworld now has its very own Xbox console! Sadly, it won't be a console that Microsoft will be selling. Instead, the Palworld-themed Xbox Series S will be part of a giveaway that includes the custom Palworld console, four custom controllers, and a three month Game Pass Ultimate code.

Xbox advertised the giveaway on the hellscape that is Twitter. Retweeting their post also sadly seems to be the only way you can enter the giveaway. From the looks of the image provided, the console itself is adorned with several different Pals, but it's the controllers that look really great here. Each controller is themed around specific Pals and take on a color motif of each Pal.

The full rules for this giveaway can be found on Xbox.com.

As for Palworld, it still seems to be doing quite well for itself. On February 22nd, Palworld developer Pocketpair announced that the total number of players has exceeded 25 million players. According to their Twitter announcement, there are 15 million Palworld owners on Steam and 10 million players on Xbox (probably includes Game Pass players in this number). Palworld has only been available for sale for roughly a month and is still considered to be in Early Access.