The ancient Nvidia control panel finally has a fresh look and new functionality.
Mockup of the new Nvidia App beta program.

Goodbye GeForce Experience. Goodbye ancient Nvidia control panel. Hello to the new 'Nvidia App'. Nvidia just released a new beta build of a desktop app that will combine the GeForce Experience features with the options of the Nvidia Control Panel we all know and have a love/hate relationship with.

The best part is that the new Nvidia App will not require a login in order to access the features. In fact, you will only have to log in if you would like to be redeem various rewards or bundles.

The Nvidia App features an entirely new look, new features, and will eventually fully replace the Control Panel functionality as well. The beta release, launched on February 22, includes features such as:
  • Full replacement for GeForce Experience
  • A new user interface
  • No login necessary
  • New in-game overlay
  • Support for 120FPS in Shadowplay
  • RTX HDR support
  • RTX Dynamic Vibrance filter
  • Per-game profile settings pulled from the Nvidia Control Panel
  • Driver update capability (like GeForce Experience)
  • Quick game launcher
  • Driver tab that actually includes a changelog
The Nvidia App features a few main tabs where you will be able to find and adjust most of what you need. First thing you will see is the Home tab. It's here where you will see a general overview of information on new drivers, Nvidia services, and also a quick launcher for your games and other software.

Next is the Drivers tab. It is here where you will be able to install and update to the latest Nvidia drivers. This tab also features an actual changelog for the new driver, including new game support, fixes implemented, and new features added.

The third tab is the Graphics tab. This is where you will be able to adjust settings on a per-game basis. The options here are very similar to what you would see in the old GeForce Experience. You can change many options here with a slider that goes between Performance and Quality. This tab also features many of the settings that used to be seen only through the Nvidia Control Panel. Some of these options include the ability to set V-Sync for games or globally, image scaling, max framerate, and more. Since the Control Panel options are not fully implemented into the new Nvidia App, there is a shortcut that will open the Control Panel that will presumably stick around for a little while longer.

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After the Graphics tab is the Redeem tab. You will be able to redeem codes from special offers from Nvidia or other partners.

Finally, the Settings tab is seen. You can adjust a number of Nvidia App settings here such as scanning your drives for games, disabling notifications, and other various options.

The Nvidia App also adds in a couple of new AI Freestyle Filters. First is RTX HDR, a new way to add HDR to games that never had native HDR support. Nvidia says that this will be able to add HDR to games that run on DirectX (DX) 12, DX 11, DX 9, and Vulkan. This is somewhat similar to the "Auto HDR" setting in Windows but allegedly a bit better.

The other AI Freestyle Filter added is RTX Dynamic Vibrance. This is another AI-powered filter that improves the Digital Vibrance Nvidia Control Panel feature used by many already. RTX Dynamic Vibrance will allegedly improve "visual clarity on a per app basis." This means you will not have to use a single global vibrance setting that may not look good in some games.

The new Nvidia App also adds in a completely revamped look for the in-game overlay when compared to the existing GeForce Experience. This is the overlay you see when you hit ALT+Z. It is here where you will access things like the Shadowplay recording tools, game filters, Nvidia Highlights, photo mode, and performance tools.

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Remember that this is a beta release for the Nvidia App. There may be bugs and other issues, so use at your own risk. Furthermore, Nvidia says that not all of the old features will be added to the Nvidia App. Nvidia has cut features such as Broadcast to Twitch and YouTube, share images and video to Facebook and YouTube, as well as Photo Mode 360 and Stereo captures.

In the future, the Nvidia App will have more Nvidia Control Panel features added to it prior to its final release. They will also be adding in additional features from the GeForce Experience and RTX Experience to the Nvidia App. These features include things like GPU overclocking and driver roll-back. Nvidia will also be adding in AV1 support for Shadowplay, more DLSS controls, and more.

There is no release date set for when the Nvidia App will leave beta.