We have Guardians of the Galaxy at home.
Text: From the producer of Uncharted, Spider-Man, and Venom.

The full trailer for the upcoming Borderlands movie is out and wow is it ever a movie trailer. That much is certain. Look, maybe the full movie is fantastic. We're only seeing a couple of minutes here from the full film, so maybe the rush to judgment isn't warranted.

Still, you can't help but go in with a fair bit of skepticism after yesterday's brief teaser showing off some of the cast as they appear in the movie. Even after the trailer, it's very easy to see that so many of these characters seem incredibly miscast. Hell, I initially thought that maybe Jack Black as Claptrap was the only decent casting but now I'm even doubting that.

Anyway, here's the full trailer. There will probably be more trailers to come prior to the theatrical release of Borderlands on August 9, 2024.