Plus a Battle Pass themed around Eldritch Horrors.
Preview of a new Moira skin from Season 9 of Overwatch 2.

Blizzard just put up a teaser for Season 9 for Overwatch 2. This new season is expected to begin on February 13 and with it will come the usual "new season" bits and bobs such as new cosmetics, a new Battle Pass, and the like.

Season 9 will include some very unique content as well. Blizzard is going to offer up a full competitive rework in season 9, but those changes weren't fully detailed just yet. The Battle Pass will be themed around Eldritch Horrors. There will be a new Hero Mastery called the Gauntlet. A new event, Cosmic Crisis. We also get a little look at a new mythic skin for Moira.

Blizzard also snuck in a little teaser at the end of their trailer that nobody saw coming. Season 9 for Overwatch 2 looks as though it will feature a collaboration with Cowboy Bebop. The teaser comes at the end when a jukebox kicks on and Tank! from the opening of Cowboy Bebop starts playing.

Obviously, we'll know the full details in about a week when the new season launches.