Plan, gather intel, get the job done no matter what it takes.
Key art for Den of Wolves.

10 Chambers is a Swedish development studio made up of some industry veterans that worked on the first two Payday titles. The studio was founded by Ulf Andersson, the original designer of Payday: The Heist. 10 Chambers is also the studio behind the challenging co-op shooter, GTFO.

During The Game Awards, 10 Chambers revealed Den of Wolves, a new cooperative heist game. What seems to set Den of Wolves apart from other heist titles like Payday is how this one takes place in the future and involves some really trippy, "mind-bending heists that blur the lines of reality." The heists in question take place within people's minds.

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In Den of Wolves, dynamic and unpredictable moment-to-moment gameplay will challenge you and your team to adapt from stealth to full-on action shootouts (and back again) in thrilling scenarios. Private security forces ranging from augmented trans-human elite mercs to torrents of servile mechanoids will stand in your way. Still, if you rely on your weapons, hi-tech gadgets, and — most importantly — your trusted team, you will complete the heist and live to tell the tale.

In the middle of the 21st century, deep learning AI has become an unstoppable hacking tool used by thieves, terrorists, and anarchists to cause entire economies to collapse. The world was desperate for a revolution in the field of network security. Powerful corporations offered salvation in exchange for no longer being bound by laws or ethical standards. They won and established Midway City, the new capital of capitalism.

With free reign in Midway City, corporations heavily invested in unregulated technological innovations designed, first and foremost, to protect their capital. Thus, an entirely new data transmission and storage concept based on the biological intricacies of the human brain was born. Impervious to AI, neurological data security became a dominant technology that stabilized the world economy. With new security protections in place, corporations turned to a society of outcasts in the city’s underbelly to infiltrate rivals’ minds and extract high-value data — forever redefining corporate warfare.