Plus a new map, new gameplay mechanics, and more.
Art showing a variety of characters including Solid Snake and Peter Griffin in a teaser for Fortnite Chapter 5 - Underground.

Thanks to a leak from PlayStation Sweden, the Chapter 5 trailer for Fortnite Battle Royale came out a little earlier than anticipated. Shortly after that leak, Epic Games seems to have just said "screw it" and officially released the trailer once the cat was out of the bag.

Chapter 5 is called "Underground" and with it will come an "entirely new island." There will be new points of interest to discover and will prominently feature the factions of The Society vs the Underground.

Also coming in Chapter 5 will be enhanced mobility options, a "fresh arsenal of weapons and items," plus the ability to customize weapons with weapon mods.

Of course, what would a Fortnite chapter be without a new Battle Pass? The Underground season includes a couple of guest stars that fans have wanted for a while. First up is none other than the most solid of snakes, Solid Snake. This trailer shows off a younger Snake but additional artwork seems to suggest that he will have a variant skin of Old Snake from Metal Gear Solid 4, complete with the OctoCamo suit.

In addition to Solid Snake, Season 5 looks to finally add Peter Griffin from Family Guy. For some reason, Peter Griffin has been one of the most requested additions to Fortnite for several seasons now. Well, it's finally happening. The thing here though, is that this is "buff" Peter Griffin. It's a bit unfortunate, but it is what it is.