It's all just "great game content."
The 'World Premiere' card shown before new trailer reveals at previous Game Awards.

Showrunner of The Game Awards, Geoff Keighley, hosted a special Q&A session over the weekend. This Q&A session was aimed at answering some of those burning viewer questions about the upcoming show. Keighley talked about a variety of topics, including revealing that the "World Premiere" label on trailers is going away, the move to beef up security, and he even shared a few thoughts about Dave the Diver being nominated as an indie game.

A viewer asked Keighley how many world premiere trailers we would get to see at this year's show. For a response, Keighley said that he wasn't sure of a firm number, only stating that it would be "around the same" as previous years. He then went on to talk about what really makes a world premiere trailer a "world premiere." His remarks can be read below or you can watch the response directly in this Twitch clip.

Actually, you'll see this year at the show, we often put up those cards, 'world premiere, world premiere'… we're kind of moving away from that, just because everything's kind of, 'is it a first look? Is it an announcement?' etc. So we just treat it all as kind of great game content.
We shall always remember "world premiere" voice in our hearts.

When it comes to whether there would be extra security this year, Keighley said that there would be. However, he avoided getting into the specifics of what those additional security measures would be in order to not give any information to would-be stage crashers. If you recall, last year's Game Awards saw someone taking the stage and thanking their "reformed orthodox rabbi Bill Clinton." Then at this year's Gamescom Opening Night Live, also hosted by Keighley, also saw a couple of stage crashers that mumbled something about Grand Theft Auto 6.

Dave the Diver was also a topic of discussion during this Q&A session for The Game Awards. Dave the Diver is one of the final nominees for Best Indie Game. The problem is, Dave the Diver was developed by a team at Nexon and Nexon is decidedly not what most people would call "indie." This has sparked a huge debate in gaming communities as to what constitutes an "indie" game in this day and age. Keighley shared his thoughts with a bit of a handwave-y response to the controversy.

So yeah, Dave the Diver. That game is made by a group named Mint Rocket, it's a smaller game from a smaller group but it's part of Nexon, they're employees of Nexon which is a very large publisher. So I think it's a fair debate and discussion – is that game truly independent, or is it not? You can argue it either way. It's independent in spirit and that it's a small game with a - I don't know what the budget is - relatively small budget, but it's from a larger entity whereas there are other games on that list from much smaller studios.
If you would like to watch this weekend's full Q&A session, you can catch the VOD over on Twitch.