Enjoy paradise. Appease a volcano god.
An older model car in a tropical paradise setting.

A new trailer for the upcoming Tidal Wave DLC for Gas Station Simulator was released today by Drago entertainment. This DLC is still set to come out on Steam in 2024, but there is a new official teaser out today that you can view right now if you are so inclined.

As we shared when the Tidal Wave DLC was first announced, this content will send you to a tropical island paradise. Operate a gas station in easy going location, rent out scuba gear and surfboards, fend off shark attacks, maintain buildings, renovate structures, and appease the volcano god, Chunchumanchu.

You know, the usual stuff all gas station owners need to do.

Something to note here, and this was shared by Drago entertainment themselves, is that Gas Station Simulator will be 30% off on Steam starting on November 21 when the Steam Autumn Sale kicks off. So, if you were thinking about picking the game up, you may want to just wait for that sale to start tomorrow.