Fans aren't too thrilled.
Screenshot of showing an age restricted cosmetic in the new Fortnite update.

A new update for Fortnite is out and the fan response is an almost total 180 from the Fortnite OG update from a few weeks back. The OG update brought back one of Fortnite's original map designs, along with some of the original gameplay mechanics. Today, a new update was released that has the community literally cursing Epic Games and their attempts at making Fortnite more "PG."

Epic Games is now applying age ratings to all custom Fortnite islands. This change was known about for a little while but was only implemented with today's update. What wasn't discussed ahead of time with the community is the fact that every cosmetic in the game now also has an age rating. If a cosmetic you want to use isn't compatible with an island's rating, you cannot use that item if you want to play on the island. If you already have a restricted item equipped, the game will replace it with a default cosmetic.

These restrictions do not apply to the game's main battle royale modes, as those are already rated T for Teen by the ESRB.

The r/FortniteBR subreddit is full of complaints about this new update. Many posts are flatly accusing Epic Games of trying to turn Fortnite into the next Roblox with these age restrictions. Many others want refunds for skins and cosmetics they purchased as they can no longer be used across a bulk of the game's modes and islands. Still others have pointed out how absurd these restrictions are by showing that a skin based off mass murderer Michael Myers is allowed but a shirtless muscled cat is not. Similarly, characters such as Marcus Fenix, Isaac Clarke, and Doom Guy are all unrestricted but Leon Kennedy and Lara Croft are restricted from use.

Some level of backlash is expected when a new update is released for any game. This current slate of complaints from fans is most certainly above and beyond the average. Hell, people are even complaining about the changes made to the in-game font.

Epic Games also added an additional safety feature to Fortnite today. There is a new voice report feature added that will let you clip audio and file anonymous reports.