A fresh look at this ambitious Fallout 4 mod.
Image of a post-apocalyptic London from the Fallout London fan mod.

Already in development now for a few years years, progress continues ever onwards for the ambitious "DLC-sized" mod for Fallout 4, Fallout London. This week, the mod team put together a fresh trailer that shows off a better look at the mod's various factions and gangs.

The latest look spans a hefty 10 minutes in order to get us well acquainted with the not-so-jolly ol' factions and gangs that you'll run into in London. The factions are as follows: There is the Gentry faction, a group of wealthy aristocrats that still serve a queen. That queen hasn't been seen in public for quite some time though. There there are the Tommies, a group of armored foot soldiers that try to maintain the law and order around London.

Camelot is a faction that are based off of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. This group runs around in medieval style gear and wants to bring more democracy to London. Finally, there is the Fifth Column, a group that the mod makers flat out call "a bit fascist."

When it comes to gangs, you'll meet the Isle of Dogs Syndicate, Beefeaters, punks, Vagabonds, and more.

Fallout London still seems to be targeting a release in 2023, but that window is obviously closing very quickly. Don't be too surprised if this meaty mod gets pushed into 2024.