The cozy sandbox title is getting more content in the future.
My Little Universe key art. Shows a featureless yellow human figure holding a pickaxe and surrounded by various colorful ores.

The generally well received My Little Universe will continue to grow thanks to upcoming updates from Estoty and SayGames. This "wholesome worldbuilding sandbox adventure" will get new content updates and DLC across all versions on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

New content coming soon to the game include an entirely new planet, Demodium. Other new content includes new dungeons, a new playable character, and even a new sword to wield. Future DLCs beyond this one will add in even more environments to explore. New locations are set to arrive at some point in 2024, with the Demodium update coming early in the year.

This content will join the content and updates already released for the game so far. These previously released updates include a fishing mini-game, the ocean loving friend Seamore, several performance improvements, and balancing adjustments based on player feedback.

My Little Universe is apparently on sale, at least on Steam, from today through the Steam Autumn Sale which ends on November 28. During this time, you will be able to save 20% off the regular price.

Build blooming continents from scratch across whimsical worlds full of possibility. Mine for wood, stone, glittering gems, and more with a trusty tool assortment at hand. Manage resources to efficiently unlock procedurally generated tiles of land, upgrade tools and armor, and build transportation.

Battle persnickety pirates, mischievous mushroom men, obnoxious ogres, and take on towering bosses with swift swordplay and dextrous dodges. A colorful odyssey awaits for solo explorers, or a cooperative caravan of up to four players in this expansive little universe!