Four new DLC packs announced.
Van and town partially destroyed, all made of voxels.

November 15, 2023 is when PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S players will get to destroy, steal, and heist their way through the fully destructible environments of Teardown. The console release includes a complete 40-mission heist-focused campaign, Sandbox Mode, the new Creative Mode, the "Art Vandals" campaign expansion, special challenges, and more.

Pre-orders are available now on Xbox, complete with some bonuses (listed below). PlayStation users can wishlist the game. The Standard Edition of Teardown will be available to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscribers at release.

Starting today, Xbox Series X|S players who pre-order Teardown will get early access to bonus content, including the vehicle-based Löckelle Motor Park game map and two heavy-duty monster trucks.
In more general news, Teardown on all platforms will be receiving some hot, new DLC. A roadmap of future content was revealed today that includes four new DLCs. These DLCs are included in Teardown's $49.99 Ultimate Edition. They are also a part of the $29.99 Season Pass, or can be bought separately for $7.99.

  • The “Time Campers” DLC, debuting on PC and consoles on Nov. 15, introduces a Wild West campaign expansion, featuring new maps, setting-appropriate tools, and horses.
  • The “Folkrace” DLC, releasing in spring 2024, features a series of destructive racing game modes, three racetracks, and a fleet of new vehicles.
  • Two additional unnamed DLCs, coming by the end of 2024.​
There will be three different editions for Teardown. Standard at $29.99, Deluxe at $39.99 (includes first 2 upcoming DLCs), and Ultimate at $49.99 (all upcoming DLCs and the Quilez R0113R Robot).

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