Saints Row Now Available on Steam


  • Saints Row Now Available on Steam

    Today's release comes with all of the previously updated content.
    Battle on the streets of a city between gang members and the authorities.

    Exactly a year and a day after it launched on Epic Games Store, Saints Row makes its way to Steam. Today's release comes with a very hefty discount of 67% off until August 31st. This discount applies to the standard, Gold, and Platinum editions.

    The Steam release today obviously includes all of the previously released updates, fixes, and content that made its way to the game over the past year. In addition to those previous updates, today's Steam release comes alongside a new content update with an in-game event for players to discover.

    With that 67% launch week discount, Saints Row starts at just $19.79 (USD) through Steam. Even the most expensive version, Platinum Edition, will set you back only $32.99 and includes all expansions, an extra bundle, and a copy of Saints Row: The Third Remastered.

    What’s new in Saints Row since launch:
    • The world map now has two new districts for all players
    • A brand-new event for players to discover
    • Cheats Mode
    • Selfie Mode
    • Emote wheel
    • Combat revamp
    • Thousands more enhancements over four major updates
    • One brand-new single-player mode (included in Expansion Pass)
    • Two exciting Story Expansions with new baddies and new cut scenes (included in Expansion Pass)
    • Free additional cosmetics
    The Steam launch follows the release of all the Expansion Pass content - A Song of Ice And Dust, The Heist and the Hazardous, and Doc Ketchum’s Murder Circus - offering up three distinct Saints Row experiences.

    All DLC is also available to purchase separately. Check your preferred platform store for local prices.

    Saints Row is out now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC on Epic Games Store and Steam.​
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