If you ever wanted to know what Remnant 2 tastes like, this is your chance.
Photo of the Remnant 2 Peach Iced Tea limited edition G Fuel.

G Fuel has teamed up with Gearbox Publishing and developer Gunfire Games to create a special Remnant 2 G Fuel flavor. This one is called G Fuel Mudtooth's Tonic and it will be available in a limited-edition Collector's Box with a 40-serving tub and only while supplies last.

G Fuel Mudtooth's Tonic marks the return of the "fan-favorite" G Fuel flavor, Peach Iced Tea. This box includes a new 24-ounce Shaker Cup with Remnant 2 artwork, along with the powder tub. The cost before shipping is $39.99 (USD).

“All of us at Gunfire Games are thrilled to partner with G FUEL,” said David Adams, Remnant II Game Director and President of Gunfire Games. “We hope Remnant II fans like this collab!”

G FUEL Mudtooth's Tonic Energy Formula isn't just a drink; it's your secret weapon as you traverse the multiverse's toughest terrains. It's sugar free and brimming with antioxidants sourced from 18 different fruit extracts. Each serving offers a mere 15 calories, but it brings a substantial 140 mg of caffeine. It's a formula designed to fuel your gaming journey, offering energy, focus, and endurance to help you conquer the unforgiving terrains of Remnant II.

“I’m a fan of challenging experiences that require an elevated level of performance. Remnant II delivers on that in a big way, which makes it a perfect collab for G FUEL,” said G FUEL Founder and CEO Cliff Morgan. “With our Remnant II-inspired flavor, we’re on a mission to immerse fans in the heart-pounding excitement of the game while helping to deliver the energy- and focus-boosting benefits they've come to expect from G FUEL."​