It's a circus! Not "of values" but "of murder!" Pretty big difference.
Key art visual for the Saints Row expansion Doc Ketchum's Murder Circus.

Doc Ketchum's Murder Circus is the second of three planned DLC expansions for Saints Row. The first expansion came out just back in May and, like that previous expansion, today's new expansion release comes alongside a hefty update for the entirety of Saints Row.

This second Saints Row expansion is called Doc Ketchum's Murder Circus and it adds in a new standalone solo mode with horde-style gameplay. The Murder Circus also adds in four new playable characters, each having their own unique skillset.

The free content update, called Boot Hill Update, releasing alongside Murder Circus offers players a visually revamped Boot Hill District "with new things to discover." The free update also includes the new Cheats App Mode that comes with "20 clean and 18 dirty cheats." Clean cheats being cheats that won't hinder the ability to earn achievements. There are also new cosmetics and items such as the Pony Tail and Doc's Medicine Cart Horse. There are also several quality-of-life improvements on missions, Criminal Ventures, Side Hustles, skills, and more.

Including today's update, Saints Row developer Volition has released several major updates that seem to have touched most every aspect of the game. There is the third and final expansion coming out in August that will probably also come alongside another major title update. I cannot personally say whether or not the base game is "good" now when compared to release, but the list of changes made since launch seem like the studio is trying their hardest to right the ship.

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Murder Circus is Doc Ketchum’s own brand of viral brutality – streaming the best (at murder) of Santo Ileso going up against each other in a horde-style battle of skill, perseverance and outright violence. Set on New Birmingham Island (or Boot Hill as it is more commonly known), Doc has revamped the area since the “Aggressive Recruiting” mission to create his own underground game show sensation.

You play as one of four contestants. The Boss has already aced it, so it’s time to put some new skills and combat styles to the test. There’s a former cop out for justice, the rightful heir to the Panteros who’s jonesing to take over, a big game hunter after his biggest prey yet, and a Murder Circus superfan who somehow got added to the roster. Each contestant has their own “Rival” - an ultimate boss they will face when they max out their level to truly test their mettle in this battle for infamy.

Players will compete for loot held in Caskets of Chaos, but as soon as you open them, others will want to kill you for it. Fight off the enemies to win the loot and progress your level. Win or lose, each battle will earn you BootCoins; Doc Ketchum’s very own currency that you can use to buy yourself perks, increased chances to get certain weapons, bonus XP and upgrades in the BootCoin Emporium. These are not microtransactions for those of you worried – just in-game currency that can be earned. Level up your contestant to get access to more to give you a little help to fend off the grim reaper. Use those coins wisely, contestants!​