Escape from Tarkov Devs Ban Data Mining


  • Escape from Tarkov Devs Ban Data Mining

    There will be a zero-tolerance policy for datamining.
    Screenshot from the video game Escape from Tarkov.

    Data mining video games is really nothing new. It's been happening for years now, decades even. If there is a game, chances are pretty good that someone has attempted to dive deep into the files to uncover unreleased content or plans for future updates. This is especially true for live-service or GAAS titles.

    Escape from Tarkov, the first-person extraction shooter is one such title that is constantly evolving and constantly receiving new updates. Escape from Tarkov is still considered to be in the beta stage, which means there is a good chance there is plenty of hidden content that may come in a future update or content that may never be released at all. People are naturally curious and this leads to Escape from Tarkov files being data mined for hints of things to come.

    Well, no more! The Escape from Tarkov developer, Battlestate Games is taking a zero-tolerance policy towards any and all data mining.

    By supporting data mining and sharing information in your videos you do not support your content in the long run but in fact support the particular person which is behind retrieving the information from the game. To add on the point above, it's not specifically fair to the part of the development team where a lot of people worked on the feature for a long time to get it revealed by a data miner on the first day of the update. If you are looking for specific information, there is an official resource supported by Battlestate Games Wikia - which may not be updated as frequently and in time but it does not use any illegal tools. Wiki is also a fully community-driven project and is always down to receive help from more experienced players to help keeping it up to date.

    We will continue to work in the direction of transparency and share the information about the changes and updates with the amount of the information we believe will be enough for players to stay up-to-date with the recent flow of the development.

    From the time of this statement being published we will start taking action towards all the personalities sharing the data mined information. This will result in all the in-game accounts involved in data mining and/or sharing data originating from data mining being banned and platforms getting involved receiving warnings and further actions taken afterwards.​
    There is a very, very slim chance that Battlestate Games will be able to actually enforce this absurd policy.

    Fan responses to the tweet announcing this policy include plenty of remarks about how if Battlestate Games can't even detect and stop cheaters in their game how will they be able to detect and ban people that data mine information. Several other people also point out that a need to data mine information wouldn't even be necessary if Battlestate Games were more transparent when sharing updates and changes with the community.
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